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Resources for Open Science in Astronomy (ROSA)

Welcome to the ROSA community, we are very happy to have you!

Our mission is to compile and tailor open science best practices from around the web into a resource kit for astronomers to work openly from proposal to publication. ROSA will be written for use by all research levels but our main goal is to supply a single resource to empower early career scientists with the tools to practice open access/data/source/science!

We envision that this project will result in two products: a general open science resource kit that can be adapted to any field, and one specifically tailored for astronomy: ROSA. The end product aims to be a well-documented guide on why you should research openly and how.

Below you will find our roadmap where you can investigate the issues that you can contribute to. Please check out our contribution guidelines and code of conduct before you get started, and read more about our vision in the README!


September 2017

  • Set up GitHub repository for the project
    • Write
    • Write
    • Write
    • Write
  • Promote project to wider astronomy community via social media channels to attract contributors
  • Set up gitter for project
  • Establish acknowledgement system to empower contributors

October 2017

  • Draft contents for resource toolkit, i.e. what topics do we want the resource kit to cover?
  • Draft content on why you should research openly (e.g. benefits to both researchers and science) and break down perceived barriers
  • Compile resources, tutorials, platforms, etc. for each of the open research pillars (FOSTER is a great place to start)
  • Begin tailoring for astronomy (e.g. for open access: how to publish a preprint to the astro-ph arXiv)
  • Set up GitHub webpage as prototype
  • Working prototype to present and test/get feedback on at MozFest!! (Oct 27-19, session description here)

November 2017 onwards

  • Implement feedback from MozFest session
  • Report progress using success metrics (e.g. number of contributors to the project, visitors to the prototype website)
  • Continue to contribute or request content to be added to the kit!