A fork of desert256.vim aims to make it a bit warm and more friendly for my eyes.
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What's this?

It's a color scheme for Vim, based on the "desert" color scheme by Hans Fugal with a few small tweaks. The tweaks are try to make it looks a bit warm and be more friendly for my eyes. Using the code from "desert256" to make the gui highlight definitions also work with 88 and 256-color xterms.

The original "desert" theme is available as part of the vim distribution or at http://hans.fugal.net/vim/colors/.

The "desert256" theme is available at http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1243.

As Infrastructure for new Color Schemes

The real feature of this color scheme, with a wink to the "inkpot" theme, is the programmatic approximation of the gui colors to the palettes of 88- and 256- color xterms. The functions that do this (folded away, for readability) are calibrated to the colors used for Thomas E. Dickey's xterm (version 200), which is available at http://dickey.his.com/xterm/xterm.html.

Support rgb color names from rgb.txt file. Use a Ruby script to pre-parse rgb.txt then convert color names mapping to a Vim dictionary, store it in colors/rgb_colors file.

Consider use this color scheme as infrastructure to create new color schemes. The benefit is your color schemes will looks nearly the same both in gVim and Vim running in 256- color xterms, without any additional effort.