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Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Redraw after updating the statusline

    Lokaltog committed
    This has previously caused some speed issues, but because it's only
    triggered when entering/leaving a buffer (not on CursorHold and similar
    autocmds) I hope it won't make the plugin any slower. Without redrawing
    the statusline will be blank when opening some file types on some
    configs, this commit solves that by forcing a redraw after Powerline is
Commits on Feb 18, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Add current highlighting group segment

    Lokaltog committed
    Refs #90.
  2. @Lokaltog

    Update vim docs

    Lokaltog committed
    * Added and updated some option descriptions
    * Added information about basic customization
    * Started docs on advanced customization
    Refs #90.
Commits on Feb 3, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Create virtualenv segment

    Lokaltog committed
    Closes #68.
  2. @qqshfox @Lokaltog

    Add RVM statusline

    qqshfox committed with Lokaltog
    Closes #78.
  3. @rogerso @Lokaltog

    Fix Fugitive statusline segment not working with ignorecase on

    rogerso committed with Lokaltog
    With ignorecase on, the Fugitive statusline segment fails to turn the
    [Git(...)] statusline into flags because vim's substitute does not take
    the 'i' flag.
    This commit fixes the Fugitive statusline flag regex to specify case
    sensitivity in the pattern itself.
    Closes #77.
  4. @mattn @Lokaltog

    Fix Windows console issues

    mattn committed with Lokaltog
    Avoid setting background values of over 128 in the Windows console.
    Closes #74.
Commits on Jan 30, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Add vimpager statusline

    Lokaltog committed
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Fix Fugitive statusline segment

    Lokaltog committed
    After the last commit the fugitive segment got wrapped in square braces.
    This updates the Fugitive statusline flag regex to remove the square
    braces if present.
  2. @Lokaltog

    Improve the behavior of Pl#UpdateStatusline()

    Lokaltog committed
    Instead of passing the entire statusline list (which can be quite large)
    to Pl#Statusline() in the &l:statusline setting, only the list index is
    passed to Pl#Statusline(), and that function fetches and returns the
    relevant statusline from g:Pl#THEME. This way the &l:statusline setting
    remains short and readable.
  3. @Lokaltog
  4. @Lokaltog
  5. @Lokaltog

    Create charcode segment

    Lokaltog committed
    This segment shows the character under the cursor as well as its
    hexadecimal value. It's not part of the default theme, but may be added
    with Pl#Theme#InsertSegment().
    Closes #71.
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog
  2. @Lokaltog

    Add support for select mode

    Lokaltog committed
    Closes #67.
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Use script variables in plugin file

    Lokaltog committed
    Closes #62.
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog

    Tie the cache file to the current configuration

    Lokaltog committed
    By including the current theme, colorscheme and symbol settings the
    cache file will be tied to a specific configuration, and regenerated
    when any setting is changed.
  2. @Lokaltog

    Improve cache file handling

    Lokaltog committed
    The cache file is now stored in the user's own vim directory to allow
    individual configuration in a multi-user environment. A new
    PowerlineClearCache command has been introduced to make it easier to
    clear the cache.
    Closes #59.
Commits on Jan 21, 2012
  1. @Lokaltog
  2. @Lokaltog
  3. @Lokaltog

    Update segment mod syntax

    Lokaltog committed
  4. @Lokaltog
  5. @Lokaltog
  6. @Lokaltog

    Update docs

    Lokaltog committed
  7. @Lokaltog

    Merge branch 'feature/customizability' into develop

    Lokaltog committed
    * feature/customizability:
      Update filetype segment highlighting
      Remove FT icon from filetype segment
      Remove extra comma from Fugitive segment definition
      Fix Syntastic segment
      Don't add empty segments to the buffer_segment array
    See 404c8b0 for merge notes.
  8. @Lokaltog

    Revert the merge revert

    Lokaltog committed
    This reverts commit 0334863.
  9. @Lokaltog
  10. @Lokaltog

    Remove FT icon from filetype segment

    Lokaltog committed
    It's the ugliest of the icons, if anyone misses it I'll consider adding
    a new segment which includes this icon.
  11. @Lokaltog
  12. @Lokaltog

    Fix Syntastic segment

    Lokaltog committed
  13. @Lokaltog

    Don't add empty segments to the buffer_segment array

    Lokaltog committed
    If segments for some reason are disabled (e.g. because a required plugin
    isn't loaded) they shouldn't be added to the buffer_segment array.
  14. @Lokaltog

    Revert "Merge branch 'feature/customizability' into develop"

    Lokaltog committed
    This reverts commit 404c8b0, reversing
    changes made to 4d8a928.
    Sorry, guys. I didn't test this enough.
  15. @Lokaltog

    Merge branch 'feature/customizability' into develop

    Lokaltog committed
    This merge introduces a lot of changes to Powerline. Most importantly,
    it's a lot easier to customize it through
    Pl#Theme#(Insert|Remove)Segment(), and through upcoming colorscheme
    changing functions.
    IMPORTANT! DO NOT set g:Powerline_cache_file = '', this will cause an
    error on vim startup! If you want to disable the cache, set
    g:Powerline_cache_enabled = 0 instead.
    This commit includes the following (temporary) regressions:
    * Removes Solarized theme
    * Removes Control-P theme
    * Minor changes to existing buffer themes
    Some workarounds have to be found to make the Control-P theme work
    again, and the Solarized theme has to be recreated using the new
    colorscheme functions. This is on top of my todo list and should be
    fixed within a couple of days.
    For insertion/removal of segments, check out
    autoload/Powerline/Segments* for available segments, and
    autoload/Powerline/Themes/distinguished.vim for the current placement of
    To add e.g. the current file size after the file info in the statusline,
    add this to your vimrc:
    call Pl#Theme#InsertSegment('filesize', 'after', 'fileinfo')
    To remove e.g. the file info from the statusline, add this to your
    call Pl#Theme#RemoveSegment('fileinfo')
    You can also replace segments using
    Pl#Theme#ReplaceSegment('old_segment', 'new_segment').
    Closes #37, #42, #50.
  16. @Lokaltog

    Bump cache revision

    Lokaltog committed
  17. @Lokaltog
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