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Making Scientific Presentations with Inkscape.

Visually craft your presentation on a giant canvas before dividing it into slides.


  1. Inkscape
  2. PDFLatex (e.g. TexLive)
  3. pdf2svg (

For PDF export:

  1. PhantomJS (Fedora: or SlimmerJS.
  2. pdfjoin (Part of pdfjam)
  3. pdfpages, (Latex document class)


Copy all files in extensions/ directory to

    git clone

    cd inkslides
    cp -r extension/* ~/.config/inkscape/extensions

Then import keys/default.xml in keys directory from Edit/Preferences/Interface/Keyboard Shortcuts/Import.

Usually, if you do not already have a file there, just copy the xml file.

    cp keys/default.xml ~/.config/inkscape/keys/default.xml


See .

First draw the presentation, as a giant poster. Keep the ideas flow in a consistent direction. (e.g. the type writter flow, from left to right, then start a new line from the very left.)

Next define a new layer.

Then mark the presentation slides with rectangles on the new layer.

Finally, select an rectangle on the new layer, and click Extensions - Set Inkslides Control Layer. Pick the direction of the flow you decided at the beginning.

Open the file in a browser and it will play. Use space for next slide. Arrow keys work too. Tweak the document as needed.

Latex Typesetting

No science without Latex. Press 'L' to start typing LATEX.

(A version of textext is included.)

Convert to PDF

To convert slides to a PDF, use

Note that pdfpages style is also required on Fedora.

Differences from Sozi

A lot of inspiration is from Sozi ( and jessyInk.

Like Sozi, inkslides switch between slide pages (view regions) via SVG transformations.

  • In inkslides, the slide pages are always played from left to right, top to bottom. In Sozi this has to be defined with an external program.

  • In inkslides does not provide animation. Sozi is in principle an animation engine, and supports many animation effects.

Common Issues:

  • extra elements in the control layer will become extra slides

  • check the flow direction of text if they look wrong.