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The web framework for writing faster sites, faster
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app Add app/Context.WebsocketURL Dec 20, 2016
apps Remove some hardcoded values from util/structs Dec 30, 2016
blobstore Add some debug statements to blobstore Apr 10, 2016
cache Import memcache directly from github Nov 18, 2015
cmd/gondola When loading the project packages fails, monitor the files Dec 19, 2016
commands New signals API Dec 20, 2016
config Change config file keys to use - as the separator Aug 3, 2014
crypto Update imports to Apr 14, 2015
form Reimplement form/File using an interface Dec 31, 2016
frontend Rename frontend/bootstrap to frontend/bootstrap3 Nov 15, 2016
html Change paginator.Paginator to accept the total number of items and th… Dec 23, 2014
internal Refactor support for websockets. Dec 19, 2016
kvs Add doc comments to Storage.Get and Storage.Set Nov 9, 2016
log Optimize colored logging a bit Feb 4, 2016
net Order keys in alphabetical order in the test data Nov 22, 2016
orm Fix incorrect unquoting of qualified field names from table names wit… Feb 20, 2017
social Remove support for stats from social/facebook Nov 22, 2016
template When importing trees introduced by html escaping, ignore the root copy Nov 22, 2016
util Remove some hardcoded values from util/structs Dec 30, 2016
.gitignore Add .gitignore Jun 28, 2013
LICENSE Show build status in Nov 23, 2016


Build Status

The web framework for writing faster sites, faster. Written in Go. View documentation at

Unless indicated otherwise at the top of file, all the source code for Gondola is released under the MPL-2 license.

Contributors, either individuals or companies, will be credited by alphabetical order in the CONTRIBUTORS file. If you're submitting your first pull request, please add yourself to the file in a separate commit.

Please note that all contributions to Gondola require a copyright assignment of the code to Rainy Cape S.L.. In order to simplify contributions, we'll understand you agree to these terms if you submit a pull request.

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