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@raipat raipat released this Aug 29, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Consensus code update to enforce a hard cap and lower staking rate until cap reached
bump Windows build to recent QT, create binaries with mxe build system

we recommend to build for yourself from source (especially on linux), but feel free to use the pre-build binaries from here

Always make backups of your datadir, especially wallet.dat!

892c8ebd0766feb9df054e002b9d6ae505fc91073abf50c8e6518286c7ca55a4 Condensation-qt_v1110.exe
08efde20cb1fb2c0a0aae5e19a6c7e4aa16c7d41e8ce866f0368dfcf40b44291 raind-1110-Centos7.tar.gz
9cea2448d51798ec92da03682956ee10982223e0a1ba5ffd49f53d88dec5bbc0 raind-1110-Ubuntu1604.tar.gz
9aa977320e013d7351ac5a3633e834fefe2b965c0e615f716d5a1e3ece2744c5 raind-1110-Ubuntu1804.tar.gz
929bd2c7a1eff5440e09a2178924fcbc4d2e1e19a6e6190f376400848f2a7a78 rain-v1110-arm-raspberrypi.tar.gz

If you encounter error messages regarding DB corruption on start of the Windows QT binary, there is a mismatch on berkeley db versions. These binaries use db4.8! Export/Import your wallet in this case.

Dear community, if we want to enforce the hard cap, the majority must do the update until the fork block is reached. We see that 2 weeks notice was to short, so we postpone the fork another 4 weeks and keep reminding.
You can update at any time, the earlier the better.

Let it rain! :-)

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