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@raisedadead's .files

my dotfiles | fancy stuff in here... feel free to have a look around.

My dotfiles follow the convention from homeshick.

homeshick is a git based dotfiles synchronizer utility. dotfiles are splitup into repositories called "castles". This repository is my primary castle. It has all the common and most used configs. Other castles are either private (emails, etc.) or are platform specific.

Be mindful of the spelling, "homesick" vs "homeshick". The former is the original tool implemented in ruby, and later in shell script.

In practice, you should be able to use the files as is, by getting them from the /home directory in this repository.


If you are the same person as I am, make sure that the initial system setup checklist has been completed and tools and packages have been installed.

System Setup Checklist:

Follow the system setup checklist (used after installing Operating System or spining a VM)

Packages and tools:

Check and get additional tools and packages for the system.


  1. Install homeshick and source it:

    git clone $HOME/.homesick/repos/homeshick
    source ~/.homesick/repos/homeshick/

    Later we would be able to use our alias dot for homeshick, once we have loaded the first castle.

  2. Get the castle that you need. This one is mine:

    homeshick clone
  3. Rinse and repeat for others:

    Private Castle (

    homeshick clone

    Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL / Pop!_OS Castle (

    homeshick clone

    macOS Castle (

    homeshick clone


ISC © 2017 Mrugesh Mohapatra