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Intercom to Helpscout - Docs Migrator

This is a simple Node script to migrate an Intercom Articles site over to Helpscout Docs. It does the following:

  1. Migrates Intercom collections to Helpscout categories
  2. Migrates all images from your Intercom articles to Helpscout
  3. Migrates all your articles from Intercom to Helpscout
  4. Adds a redirect for the hold Intercom URL to your new Helpscout URL

How to use

To run the script, clone this repository and then update the config.js file with your own settings.

  • intercomSite - A link to your support site homepage on Intercom (no trailing slash)
  • helpscoutKey - Your Helpscout docs API key
  • collectionId - Your Helpscout collection ID (you need to make the collection via the Helpscout admin panel)
  • siteId - Your Helpscout docs site ID (for redirects)

Then create an empty directory called images. This is used to store your Intercom images for upload.

To run the script:

  • npm install
  • npm start

For a site with about 100 docs, it takes roughly an hour.

Issues & Warranty

We're offering this migration tool with no support or warranty. We used it for our own migration, but we haven't done testing beyond that. It may break if Intercom change the class selectors we rely on.

Feel free to submit PRs/issues against this repository. We welcome PRs, we may not fix issues.

About Raisely

Raisely powers online fundraising for ambitious campaigns. We help charities raise money online through simple, easy to use fundraising websites. Love to code but want to work on projects that improve the wellbeing or people and planet? Get in touch.


A small utility script to migrate docs from Intercom to Helpscout







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