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Config.r is light configuration loader for node.js. This module is the main dependency of my current project. And my upcoming project: webadmin configuration management, also webadmin nginx conf management.

Quick Start

In your project directory, install using npm:

npm install config.r

Create config.json in your project directory, for example:

       "superAdmin": {
          "username": "admin",
          "password": "93kanaeiapkPDFN" 

and then, you can load your config in this way:

    var config = require('config.r');

Advance usage

Get single config value from nested data, for example I have this config:

       "message": {
          "error" : {
              "login": "you must login",
              "register": "you are login"


You can get the value of message error login in safe way:

	var config = require('config.r');

	var error = config.get('error'); // it will display all error config
	var error_login = config.get('error.login'); // it will display single config

Load multiple config

Say you have multiple configuration


You can load by this way:

var config = require('config.r').load('database, production');

/* prints your database configuration */

/* prints your production configuration */

note: your default prefix config name is

Load from different path:

You can load from different directory, say you have directory named config:


Use path:

	var config = require('config.r').path('config').load('database');
	/* log database */

Set different prefix

	var config = require('config.r').prefix('c').load('database');


your config files must have prefix c:



  • add grunt.js for automaton
  • add unit testing
  • add several method, extends underscore.js to find parent node of current config