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A native, lightweight and secure time-based (TOTP) & counter-based (HOTP) password client built for iOS
Built by Mobime – Follow Raivo on Twitter


  • Backup/sync (T/H)OTPs to iCloud automagically
  • Add custom issuer icons for your OTPs
  • Scan a QR code or add an OTP manually
  • Show the current and previous token
  • Search using powerful search capabilities
  • Optional FaceID or TouchID unlock
  • Export passwords as encrypted ZIP archives
  • It's fast (native, built in Swift 5)
  • It's secure (see the security policy for more information)
  • It's open-source (check the contribution policy)


Raivo enables you to add your own icons to OTPs. You can add your own icon via the icon repository. Make sure to read the contribution guidelines before making a pull request. You can view all currently available icons at


The following migration guides walk you through the process of migrating from your existing OTP app to Raivo OTP.


Issues or new features can be reported via the issue tracker. Please make sure your issue or feature has not yet been reported by anyone else before submitting a new one.


If you discover a security vulnerability, we would like to know about it so we can take steps to address it as quickly as possible. Please report your vulnerability via our HackerOne program. If you want to know more about how we keep Raivo OTP secure, check out the security policy.


Raivo does not collect personally identifiable information in any way. Please refer to the privacy policy for information.


The source of Raivo OTP is copyrighted but available to anyone on the internet. You can use it in accordence of the license. View for the full license.