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New version based on QTpro for osc 2.3 version 4.6.1 plus newr updates and fixes.
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Ajax Attribute Manager/admin/attributeManager
Modified files for 2.3.4 BS
New Files for 2.3.4 BS/catalog
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Changes versus QTpro 5.0 BS

  • stock check fix in shopping cart module
  • added option to combine untracked options in single dropdown and single radio

Update from: QTpro 5.0 BS

  1. Uninstall: Admin =>Modules => Content[product_info] => QTPRO Options
  2. Upload and replace:

includes/classes/pad_base.php includes/classes/pad_single_dropdown.php includes/classes/pad_single_radioset.php includes/modules/content/product_info/cm_pi_qtpro_options.php

If you are using modular shopping cart: includes/modules/content/shopping_cart/cm_sc_product_listing_qtpro.php 3. Reinstall: Admin =>Modules => Content[product_info] => QTPRO Options 4. New option: Combine untracked options: For single drop down or singel radio: combine also options which stock is not tracked.

qtpro-5.0-BS New version based on QTpro for osc 2.3 version 4.6.1 plus newr updates and fixes.

Planned Changes:

  • coding updates for latest 2.3.4 BS EDGE Community version with hardcoded filenames, database table names, paths and superglobals
  • content modules for product info, shopping cart
  • hooked modifications or separate functions where possible to avoid core file changes (stock checks etc in checkout pages)
  • final product prices shown in option/attribute combinations on product info page also for more than one option/combinations
  • general code clean up
  • language constants/definitions for all texts for full multilanguage support

To do list:

  • update qtprodoctor.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions
  • update stats_low_stock_attrib.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions
  • update stock.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions
  • replace mods in admin/boxes/tools.php by separate file
  • replace mods in admin/boxes/reports.php by separate file
  • avoid mods in admin/includes/functions/general.php => not possible load function file in modules=> not possible replace core function mods by own functions? => not possible
  • modularize product info options
  • modularize product info stock table
  • Integrate database changes in product info module
  • versions for Modular Product Page by kymation
  • alternative product listing module for modularized shopping cart
  • order class extension to avoid mods in core order class
  • replace all mods in checkout_process.php by hooks
  • Move stock checks in checkout_payment.php and checkout_confirmation.php to ht module
  • add spanish and german translations
  • Add installation checks to all modules
  • Merge standard and modular product info product listing module by kymation into one universal module
  • check compatibility with ajax attribute manager
  • add support for attribute sort order
  • add support for paypal standard
  • update instructions

It would be great if there appear testers for the mods.

Beta 06 installation and update instructions included

Beta 06 is condidered final pre release

Thanks and best regards


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