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DEPRECATED: This package is no longer maintained

#raix:Handlebar-helpers Build Status


Current version uses Blaze. If you need to use the Spark version, get 0.0.9.

This package provides a simple way of using sessions and collections in the Meteor Spacebars template environment.

Have a look at the Live example

Here are some simple helpers:

  • {{$.javascript /* arguments */ }} // The new $script helper
  • {{$.Session.get key}}
  • {{$.Session.equals key value}}
  • {{getLength a}} returns length property
  • {{$.Meteor.status.connected}}
  • {{$.Meteor.userId}}
  • {{cutString str maxLen}} cuts string appends...
  • {{nl2br text}} *nl2br function for text
  • {{isSelected a b}} if a equals b then return " selected"
  • {{isChecked a b}} if a equals b then return " checked"
  • {{$eq a b}} if a equals b then return true
  • {{$neq a b}} if not a equals b then return true
  • {{$in a b c d}} if a equals one of optional values
  • {{$nin a b c d}} if a equals none of optional values
  • {{$lt a b}}
  • {{$gt a b}}
  • {{$lte a b}}
  • {{$gte a b}}
  • {{$and a b}}
  • {{$or a b}}
  • {{$not a}}
  • {{$mapped cursor}} can take cursor or array
  • {{$exists a}} a != undefined
  • {{getText notation}} translation!!

A special credit goes to @belisarius222 aka Ted Blackman for sparking an idear for a solution for the new $uper helper, Thanks Ted!


1. Install:

    meteor add raix:handlebar-helpers

The new $ !

You can now call JavaScript functions or get variables in directly - no use of eval At the moment the only scopes allowed are Session, Meteor, and console. A way to add more scopes, e.g. Collections or others, is in the works.

Read my session: {{$.Session.get 'mySession'}}

Is mySession equal to 4?: {{$.Session.equals 'mySession' 4}}

Does this helper render??: {{$.console.log 'Nope Im writing to the console log...'}}

What user id do I have: {{$.Meteor.userId}}

What's the connection status?: {{$.Meteor.status.connected}}

Hmm, I am client right? {{$.Meteor.isClient}}

You can access any global objects/functions/variables - and it's still reactive!!


Mapped each will map $first, $last, and $index onto your cursor or array

{{#each $mapped myCursor}}
    {{name}}{{#unless $last}},{{/unless}}

Add objects to the $cope

Use the Helpers.addScope(name, obj) to add objects into the $ scope.


  Helpers.addScope('Session', Session);
  Helpers.addScope('Meteor', Meteor);

It's the default scope and it allows JavaScript access: {{$.Meteor.isClient}} etc.

Remove objects from scope


getText translation


Adds a global getText(notation)

Expects a global object to contain translations - falls back if not found.

    // expects a global array: 
    // it's ok if translation is not completed, it falls back
        '': { 
            en: 'Say hello to me :)'
        'add.organisation': { 
            da: 'Tilføj Organisation', en: 'Add Organisation' 

    // Use to extend the dictionary

    // Define case on the run ex.:
    getText('') == 'say hello to me :)'; // lowercase
    getText('SAY.HELLO.TO.ME') == 'SAY HELLO TO ME :)'; // uppercase
    getText('') == 'Say hello to me :)'; // uppercase first letter, rest lowercase
    getText('Say.Hello.To.Me') == 'Say Hello To Me :)'; // camelCase
    getText('') == 'Say hello to me :)'; // ignore case sensitivity
  {{getText ''}}

Set language

Use Helpers.setLanguage('en'); to change language on the fly.

Get current language

Use the reactive Helpers.language() to get the current language

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