Demonstration of using Highcharts for graph rendering in native iOS app
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Demonstration of using Highcharts for graph rendering in native iOS app. The app is written in Swift 3.0.2 (requires Xcode 8.2+). Highcharts is a JS based charting engine and the sample app demonstrates the ability to render charts using Highcharts within a WKWebview in a native app. The sample app also demonstrates drill down capabilities.


The sample app demonstrates the following :-

  • Ability to dynamically load chart data / chart options
  • Ability to listen to element selection events
  • Multi-level Drilling down / Drilling up

The app uses a WKWebView to load the Highchart and uses WebKit messaging interface for communication between the native iOS app world and JS world.

The native iOS layer sends the chart data / options to the JS charting layer using the evaluatejavascipt method.

The native iOS layer listens to drillup/drill down events from the chart using the WKScriptMessageHandler interface and can redraw the chart with appropriate chart data.

Refer to for a simple example that demonstrates loading of Highcharts chart with static chart data.

#License MIT License. See LICENSE for details.