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A Node.js app that ports an AngularJS example ProjectsList app to use Cloud Foundry/local MongoDB backend(instead of Mongolab)
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A Node.js app that ports the AngularJS ProjectsList app to use CF/local MongoDB backend(instead of Mongolab)

Running it locally

  • Make sure you have Node.js & MongoDB running.
  • Clone the app to mongoProjectsList folder
  • cd mongoProjectsList folder
  • npm install
  • node app.js
  • open browser at localhost:3000

Running it on Cloud Foundry

  • Clone the app to mongoProjectsList folder
  • cd mongoProjectsList folder
  • npm install
> vmc push mongoProjectsList
Instances> 1

1: node
2: other
Framework> node  <---- Select Node.js framework

1: node
2: node06
3: node08
4: other
Runtime> 3  <---- Select Node.js 0.8v of runtime

1: 64M
2: 128M
3: 256M
4: 512M
Memory Limit> 64M <----- 64MB memory

Creating mongoProjectsList... OK

2: none
URL>   <---------This will be the url of your app

Updating mongoProjectsList... OK

Create services for application?> y

1: blob 0.51
2: mongodb 2.0
3: mysql 5.1
4: postgresql 9.0
5: rabbitmq 2.4
6: redis 2.4
7: redis 2.2
8: redis 2.6
What kind?> 2      <--------------- Select & add MongoDB service

Name?> mongodb-ccc0e <-- Just a name of the MongoDB service

Creating service mongodb-ccc0e... OK
Binding mongodb-ccc0e to mongoProjectsList... OK
Create another service?> n

Bind other services to application?> n

Save configuration?> n

Uploading mongoProjectsList... OK
Starting mongoProjectsList... OK
Checking mongoProjectsList... OK


  • The app runs both locally and on Cloud Foundry w/o any changes to it.
  • Check out Cloud Foundry getting started here
  • Install latest vmc tool by running sudo gem install vmc ---pre




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