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An application to generate and explore SALI networks and SALI curves

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SALI Viewer

This is a Java application to generate and explore SALI networks and SALI
curves as described in references [1] and [2]. The code is based on
the CDK and a heavily modified version of ZGRviewer (0.8.0). See for more details on usage.

Note that this repository hosts the development code. To get the last
stable release, visit the above URL.


The code is licensed under the LGPL


To build the SALI viewer jar file, run 

> ant sali

You should see a file called sali.jar in the current directory. This
jar file is pretty large as it includes the whole CDK. The advantage
is that you will not need any other jar files in your CLASSPATH. To see
other available targets, run 

> ant info


For bugs, feature requests, and everything else contact me at


[1] Guha, R.; Van Drie, J.H. J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2008, 48, 
    646-658 DOI:

[2] Guha, R.; Van Drie, J.H., J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2008, 48,
    1716-1728 DOI:

[3] CDK

[4] ZGRViewer
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