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Code for generating the JuICe dataset.
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JuICe Dataset

Code for the paper. This repository produces the dataset from the collected Jupyter notebooks. The dataset is available here if you don't want to run this pipeline. Modeling code is here.


Model Dev Bleu Dev EM Test Bleu Test EM
LSTM Baseline 21.66 5.57 20.92 5.71

Download notebooks

Get the notebooks here.


conda create -n {name} python=3.6 anaconda
source activate {name}

pip install -r requirements.txt

# decompress the downloaded notebooks file

Running pipelines

Produces the dataset. The pipeline requires around 254gb of disk space, and takes about 12 hours to complete on a 12 core machine.

./run_all {downloaded notebooks directory} {pipeline directory}

The datasets will be created under {pipeline directory}/final-dataset

Dataset Format

Each dataset record contains the following keys:

code_tokens_clean: The tokenized target code to generate.

context: A list of cells above starting with the cell directly above. If the cell is markdown the key nl will store the tokenized mardown. If it's a code cell the code_tokens_clean will store the tokenized code.

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