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A text editor for editing HTML,CSS and JS all at the same time
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Wildebeest Text Editor


This is a web editor coded entirely in python.It's more like a personal project to help me in quickly developing webpages or testing some experiments of css,html and javascript. However you can use it for day to day web development or for playing around with js,css and html.It's like JSFIDDLE right on your machine. Currently it runs only on Ubuntu. Feel free to email me if you need any kind of assistance in using the product.


Wildebeest Editor


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Zencoding support.
  • No need to write initial markup.That's wildebeest's work.
  • Write only needed things.
  • Integrated Shell
  • No need to switch tabs
  • Check your webpages while developing in real time(that's the reason behind it's development)


If you've used any online code fiddlers like CODEPEN or JSFIDDLE then you won't face any problem in using the product.Simply fire up the app by issuing "python" in the terminal. Just write your code.The editor will write all other redundant code like combining scripts,styles and html files together for your page.Now this will create a folder named "project" in your wildebeest editor's directory just go inside that folder and open "webfile.html" and your page is up.

The editor adds an auto reloading javascript function to your page so that you can see your page's development in real time(I know that's a trick). The "do" button saves the code to files so it is neccessary to press it after making any changes to your code.

If you want to stop the auto reloading of page so that you can check the javascript,just check the check box named "check javascript" then press "do" and you're done.The page will not auto reload anymore.If you want it to do auto reloading again simply uncheck the check box,press "do" and manually reload the page only one time.TA DA!....your page is autoreloading now.

  • It introduces "autoreload.js" file into your project.So remove that file after you're done with development.


GNU GPL v3 licensed

For more info about license go here

Thanks to these opensource projects

  • BeautifulSoup
  • Zencoding

Get in touch

You can email me at if you need any help regarding the editor.

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