A downloader based on the pycurl library that allows the user to download heavy files by splitting the request into smaller chunks. This tool is especially useful behind proxy, where the proxy-server inhibits access to larger files.
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Pycurl-Download is a program that uses the python binding of the Curl library to make it easier and faster to download massive files. It is especially useful for those behind proxy who are restricted by the servers to download huge files. This can overcome that hurdle and download massive files, the only restricting parameter being the 'server' on which the file is kept. Based on certain settings, which could be unfavourable for Pycurl-Download, such downloads might fail and yeild erroneous files. This has to be fixed.


  1. cd to the folder.
  2. Make the setup executable chmod a+x setup.sh
  3. Run the setup with sudo privileges. sudo ./setup.sh

This completes the installation


Set the proxy variables. export http_proxy="http://<username>[:password]@<proxy-server>[:<proxy-port>]

To use, simply open a terminal and execute the command as follows

pycurl-download <target-address> <output-file>

eg :-

pycurl-download http://<remote-file-address> ~/Desktop/<file-name>

TODO -list

  • Remove the need to provide filename.
  • Recursive downloads.
  • Create a GUI.
  • For terminal usage, create visualisation of the percentage downloaded/left , expected time remaining, download speed, etc.
  • Make it portable to Windows based systems.