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Zero Knowledge Documents

What does it do?

Once linked with user's Dropbox account, this application allows the user to read and write AES encrypted text files to Dropbox/Apps/ZeroKnowledgeDocuments folder. As the encryption is key is not stored anywhere, the cloud service (in this case, Dropbox) has zero knowledge about the user's content.

Why is it required?

Many a times, we wish to store personal/private content on the cloud but are troubled by the fact that the content is stored in plaintext (or encrypted using a common key by the service provider). Moreover, we also don't require these files to be unencrypted while on the desktop (as is the case with SpiderOak). This calls for a solution that provides the user with tools to encrypt the content of the file on his/her own desktop without sending out the key to anyone and ever sending out the content in plaintext over the network.

Example use case(s)

  • Storing a set of personal documents online.
  • Storing a file containing passwords on the cloud.
  • Storing a file containing bank details on the cloud.


The demo first requires the user to connect to Dropbox and provide the necessary permissions, after which, the user can do the following in Dropbox/Apps/ZeroKnowledgeDocuments/ folder :-

  • Create and browse directories
  • Create an encrypted text file using the editor in the demo
  • Read the encrypted text files in plain text after entering the corresponding password for the file.

Known Issue(s)

  • The password and text can be picked up by extensions/addons installed in the browser. It is suggested that the user take care of the extensions/addons while installing and/or use Incognito mode in Google Chrome (or its equivalent in other browsers) for reading and writing files using this app.

Future plans

  • Provide support for other cloud services such as :-
    • Evernote
    • Copy
    • Box
  • Provide options to upload images and other file formats.

Thanks to

This project makes use of the code/library provided by the following :-


A client-side browser based application that allows the user to read and write encrypted text files to a cloud service.






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