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Python library and client for git
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Pigit is both a git library for Python and a git-client written entirely in Python.

Moreover, the motivation behind Pigit was to create git in a way modular way, allowing for use of other backends (like SQLite or MySQL or anything else) to store the objects and references. It is essentially an exercise in exploring the core fundamentals of git and identifying separable components, allowing for custom tools to be built on top. See the end of the document for more details on possible add-ons.

Using as a library

All of these can also be found in

  • Importing Pigit
from pigit import Pigit

Pigit class exposes several key ways to create a Repository object, which allows various interactions with the repository.

  • Different ways to initialize a repository
from pigit import Pigit
from pathlib import Path

# Initialize a bare repository
repo = Pigit.init(Path('/tmp/project'))

# Initialize repository object from an existing repository on local system
repo = Pigit.repo(Path('/tmp/project'))

# Clone repository
repo = Pigit.clone('', '/tmp/pigit')
  • Basic Operations with repository
# all examples below assume you already have a `repo` instance

# Get Logs
for commit in repo.log:

# Get all branches
for branch in repo.branches:

# Checkout branch

# Create new branch
repo.checkout(branch='new_branch', exists=False)
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