Minimalist carousel to scroll x axis by both scroll bar and arrows, no css, only js functionality
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Minimalist carousel to scroll x axis by both scroll bar and arrows, no css, only js functionality

Creates a carousel which works by scrolling x-axis of an element,
and you can also choose to give x-scroll bar to user,
which will work in sync with x-scroll by arrows

  1. Add or link this script to the bottom of your body tag, or after the DOM has completely loaded.
  2. Add a div or ul as a container containing an ID say "exampleID", and two sibling buttons containing IDs id="exampleID-left" and id="exampleID-right"
  3. After this script, create a new object by passing container id and width of each carousel object. :: var custom_carousel = new S2l_custom_carousel("exampleID","30%");
  4. It will bind left and right functionality to the buttons.
  5. It is a minimalist script, it introduces no fancy CSS or classes of itself, only scrolling functionality.


	<ul id="hello">
		<li>some text</li>
		<li>some text</li>
		<li>some text</li>
		<li>some text</li>
		<li>some text</li>
	<button id="hello-left"> ❮ </button>
	<button id="hello-right"> ❯ </button>
	var custom_carousel = S2l_custom_carousel("hello","300px");
	// or
	var custom_carousel = S2l_custom_carousel("hello","30%");

Usage in ember App:

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  custom_crousel: null,

  didInsertElement() {
    this.set('custom_crousel', new S2l_custom_carousel("hello","30%"));

  willDestroyElement() {


Available methods on carousel object

  • previous //move carousel to previous element
  • next //move carousel to next element
  • removecarousel
  • disableArrowButtonIfAtExtreme
  • scrollTo(fromX,toX) //will scroll carousel to given value

Please contribute (add event callbacks like scrolled)