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CiviSocial - Social Media Integration

This extension to CiviCRM allows users to more easily fill forms and sign petitions using social login. It also allows event registrations in CiviCRM to be reflected in RSVPs for parallel Facebook events. Moreover, it allows CiviCRM admins to integrate multiple social networks and pull any relevant users activity data. Specifically, the extension provides following features:


Users can avail the following features after logging in to a social network. Currently supported networks are Facebook, Google and Twitter.

  • Public forms (Event registration, petitions, etc.) are auto filled by the data pulled from the associated social newtork.
  • User can choose to reflect event registration in CiviCRM in RSVPs for parallel Facebook event.


  • Link Facebook event with CiviCRM event
  • Fill Add New Event page form with data from corresponding Facebook event
  • Connect your Facebook Page and Twitter page
  • Post across your Facebook page and Twitter at once
  • See posts and tweets on your Facebook page/twitter account
  • See who has followed you on Twitter

Pending updates

The extension is active under developement. Following features can be expected on the official release:

  • Pull and store Twitter follower's data into CiviCRM database
  • Determine highly active followers based on social activity
  • Ability to automatically publish/tweet about events and certain types of activities



  1. As part of your general CiviCRM installation, set a CiviCRM Extensions Directory at Administer >> System Settings >> Directories.
  2. Navigate to Administer >> System Settings >> Manage Extensions. Beside CiviSocial click Install.


Navigate to Administer >> CiviSocial >> App Credentials.

Getting Facebook App ID and Secret

  1. Go to Facebook's Developer page. Under My Apps on top right, click on Add a New App.
  2. Click on Website.
  3. Set display name to your organization's name. Set Contact Email to your email address and set category to Communication..
  4. Click Create App ID.
  5. You will be taken to App Dashboard. Click on Get Started button beside Facebook Login.
  6. Under Client OAuth Settings, on Valid OAuth redirect URIs enter [your website URL]/civicrm/civisocial/callback/facebook.
  7. Click on Save Changes.
  8. Navigate to Dashboard. Your App ID and Secret can be retreived from that page.

Getting Google Client ID and Secret

  1. Go to the Google API Console.
  2. Create a new project by selecting Create a new project.
  3. In the sidebar under "API Manager", select Credentials, then select the OAuth consent screen tab.
  4. Choose an Email Address, specify a Product Name, and press Save.
  5. In the Credentials tab, select the New credentials drop-down list, and choose OAuth client ID.
  6. Under Application type, select Web application.
  7. In the Authorized JavaScript origins field, enter your website URL.
  8. In the Authorized redirect URIs field, enter [your website URL]/civicrm/civisocial/callback/googleplus.
  9. Press the Create button.
  10. From the resulting OAuth client dialog box, copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

Getting Twitter Consumer Key and Secret

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your organization's name of Name field.
  3. Fill description and website.
  4. Enter [your website URL]/civicrm/civisocial/callback/twitter on Callback URL field.
  5. Accept the developer agreement and click Create your Twitter Application.
  6. Go to Settings tab and enter [your website URL]/civicrm/civisocial/privacypolicy on Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL fields.
  7. Go to Permissions tab. Under Access select Read and Write.
  8. To be able to ask users their email addresses your app needs to be whitelisted by Twitter. To get whitelisted, visit and select I need access to special permissions and fill the form (You can get your application ID by going to and clicking you app name. Look for a number on your address bar -[your app ID]) and submit. After you are whitelisted go to Settings tabl. Under Additional Permissions check Request email addresses from users.
  9. Go to Keys and Access Tokens tab and copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

After you have configured one or more app credentials, click Save.

Enabling Facebook Event Integration

To be able to link Facebook events to your CiviCRM event you must enable Facebook Event Integration.

After you have configured credentials for Facebook (Administer >> CiviSocial >> App Credentials), navigate to Adminster >> CiviSocial >> Social Networks. Click on Integrate Facebook Events.

Enabling Social Dashboard

To be able to access social dashboard, you must connect the correpsonding or all social networks.

After you have configured credentials for Facebook and/or Twitter, navigate to Adminster >> CiviSocial >> Social Networks. Click on Connect Facebook Page to connect your Facebook page to CiviCRM. Likewise, click on Connect Twitter to connect your Twitter account.

You will now be able to access social dashboard(s) from Social menu.



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