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Code repository for red5 development series lessons
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This repository is intended to supplement the red5 development series, web book with code keeping, examples, templates and more.. Please, you will be able to download material relatied to a topics using any standard git tool.


"Red5 development series" is a web-booklet / guide to getting started with red5 development. It is meant to guide developers of any level, interested in red5, understand red5 and its application paradigm so that they can channel their efforts in a correct manner throughout the process. All links and references used are original work of their creators.

The primary focus of this reference material is to go over the server side features and concepts surrounding Red5. Clent side code snippets such as Actionscript, javascript etc will only be mentioned within the scope but not discussed in details.

I hope that through this book i am able to make red5 development a simpler process for those who are new to it and at the same time online and highlight the unique capabilities of red5, which make it universal software for various applicable platforms and projects." - Rajdeep Rath


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