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Cell Type Atlas and Lineage Tree of A Whole Complex Animal by Single-Cell Transcriptomics


The following notebooks provide the analyses based on partition-based graph abstraction (PAGA) (Wolf et al., 2017):

  • planaria: inferring the lineage tree from the topology of the Planarian cell atlas
  • preprocessing: same as planaria, but including all preprocessing steps
  • epidermal-lineage: zooming into the pseudotime-reconstruction of the epidermal lineage
  • subsampling: robustness of the tree under subsampling
  • wildtype: robustness when using only wild-type samples
  • vary-neighbors: robustness under variation of the number of neighbors in the single-cell graph


PlanariaVelocytoAnalysis provides the analysis using the package (Gioele La Manno et. al., 2017).


run_monocle2 reproduces the analysis using Monocle 2 (Qiu et al., 2017).