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PHP5 HTML5 Boilerplate

PHP5 HTML5 Boilerplate is just extra PHP support added to the original HTML5 Boilerplate project for Rapid application development.

To read about original HTML5 Boilerplate check the Original Readme.

This project is created for personal use at first, I just wanted to add HTML5 and Bootstrap for my project development, so, what could be the better way to integrate PHP and HTML5 then this ???

My aim is to have a working skeleton for developing PHP projects easily which will also support latest web technologies and Mobile, Handheld devices.

Quick start

Clone the repo
Put it in your working folder
Connect it via web server eg: http://localhost/PHP5-HTML5-Boilerplate/



Coming soon


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Hundreds of developers have helped make the HTML5 Boilerplate what it is today and I expect few numbers from there to jump the ship here too, to make PHP5 HTML5 Boilerplate more interesting..

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