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UModule: Unity Framework Modules

This is the landing page for the UModule collection of extensible framework modules for Unity (2018 or newer)! The modules are meant to provide core functionality used in a wide variety of Unity projects, and are designed to integrate painlessly with an existing codebase.

Each module can be found in its own repository and added to existing projects as a git submodule, or downloaded and extracted manually. If setup as a submodule, new updates can be pulled using git submodule update --remote.

Released Modules

UM_Basic beta release

Basic structures for organization of data and behavior, required dependency of all other modules

UM_Camera2D beta release

Additional functionality for dealing with perspective or orthographic cameras in a 2D setting. Includes additional camera controls, movement, blocking zones, and more!

WIP Modules


Basic structures for hardware-accelerated 3D noise generation and editor tools for generating complex 3D noise textures Volumetric cloud material using textures generated from customizable noise presets.


Flexible API to define custom interpreted scripting languages for performance-light game features and prototypes.

Planned Modules


Dyanmic pixelization of any renderable objects including 3D geometry, sprites, and particle effects. Contains additional tools for effects such as outlines and palette swapping.

Adaptation of an older project


Additional functionality for dealing with perspective and orthographic cameras in a 3D setting. Will include additional camera controls, movement, effects, and blocking zones.


Framework for more easily integrating custom shaders and materials with gameplay scripts. Will include graphics stylesheets, extended shader includes, and more!


Tools for definition and playback of generative music that reacts to a game world through simple events and conditions.


All modules are available to use for free according to the GNU GPL v3 license.

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