Start El Capitan's "Split View" with a configurable global keyboard shortcut
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UPDATE: BetterTouchTool ( has added support for this, I recommend you use that instead.

Split View Shortcut

This is a hacky but effective solution to the lack of a keyboard shortcut to trigger OS X's new Split View action.

Download latest release.

What do you mean hacky?

The utility finds the zoom button using Accessibility, and then creates a click-and-hold mouse event to start Split View. If there's a better way to do this let me know, I'll keep a list here of things I looked for:

  • A method on NSWindow to toggle Split View like toggleFullScreen.

  • An accessibility object action for starting Split View found using AXUIElementCopyActionNames on the window's zoom button.

  • A way to trigger click-and-hold mouse event other than sleep and CGEventCreateMouseEvents

Why not Spectacle or other window management apps?

Spectacle and other apps cannot achieve true fullscreen because the Dock reserves pixels along the edge. They're still a lot more customizable and worth checking out if you haven't though.


Use this at your own risk and please submit bugs, features, or pull requests, and I will use those to prioritize my tasks. This is my first Swift project, my first Accessibility scripting project, and also even my first native Desktop application in a long time. There are things like Sparkle and Homebrew I might look into later if necessary.