An easy to use Python module for sending SMS.
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An easy to use Python module for sending SMS.

This module currently supports following sms services

  • 160by2
  • Way2Sms
  • Site2sms (coming soon)
  • FullOnSms (coming soon)


we need a python package called "mechanize"

you can install it through sudo pip install mechanize or the other ways as shown here

Easy Usage Steps:

from RajivPySms import RajivSmsModule

MyPager = RajivSmsModule()                              # create a object to use RajivSmsModule

MyPager.login(  UNAME    = '7411129611',
                PWD      = 'way2smsPassword')           # fill your way2sms login and password

MyPager.send(   RECEIVER = "9952113011",
                MESSAGE  = "Have a nice day & night..."

# Wow!!!, your sms has been sent...

for the above sending command, the message sent will be look like

Have a nice day and night...


This Pearls Addon provides awesome resources to the Rajiv-Py-SMS module.

Features of Rajiv-Pearls-Addon:

  • Forex-Rates of various country's Currencies up-to the current time lively from

    Supported currencies:

    • INR - India Rupees
    • USD - United States Dollars
    • AUD - Australia Dollars
    • CAD - Canada Dollars
    • CHF - Switzerland Francs
    • CNY - China Yuan Renminbi
    • DKK - Denmark Kroner
    • EUR - Euro
    • GBP - United Kingdom Pounds
    • HKD - Hong Kong Dollars
    • HUF - Hungary Forint
    • JPY - Japan Yen
    • MXN - Mexico Pesos
    • MYR - Malaysia Ringgits
    • NOK - Norway Kroner
    • NZD - New Zealand Dollars
    • RUB - Russia Rubles
    • SEK - Sweden Kronor
    • SGD - Singapore Dollars
    • THB - Thailand Baht
    • USD - United States Dollars
    • ZAR - South Africa Rand
  • Google Dictionary

    To get the dict meaning of words online, using Google's Dictionary API.

  • Thoughts for Today

    To start our day with positive vibrations, get the Brahmakumaris Thoughts for today from Newyork.

  • Weather Forcast

    Feel safety before going out of home by getting the latest updates of Weather forcast of your city from

  • Gold Rates in India

    To get the Daily variations in Gold rates in INR.

    Includes Rates for 22-Caret and 24-Carets at Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata.

  • Random Post from your Wordpress blog

    Will choose a random post from your blog. (configured default with - My Personal Blog)

    Retrives Title and URL of the post.

    The highlight is if Title + URL exeeds 130 charecters, the URL will automatically shortened using Optional Bitly library.


Schedule sms Notification now for FREE using RajivPySms

This is automatic SMS notification sender. All you need to do is edit your cron-job file and point it to script.

You can configure the RECEIVERS, TIMINGS and Type of Message to send..

Automatic Twitter postings also available. It can be configured with TIMINGS and Type of Message to tweet..

Configuration Details:

  • Add your contacts and configure allowed type of sms for each contact in RajivPySms_contacts.csv
  • Config scheduled sms timings for each type of sms in RajivPySms_timings.json


  • for fast user experience fill all your accounts and API credentials in RajivPySms_credentials.json
  • refer for more options and usages. is a stand-alone console app too :-)
  • for more information refer the wiki page of the project( still not done! Need help to document.. )
  • your Mobile-No will be prepended with your message text
  • your Signature will be appended with your message text
  • for setting up scheduled sms notification you should edit your cron job file, call at 1 hour intervals