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What is EmployeeWare?

EmployeeWare is simple, specialized, and open source software to collaboratively create, edit, view, and manage organization charts and reporting structures. It is useful for senior managers working on reorganizations of departments with several hundred team members. This software can be used to quickly change reporting structures, move teams and people around, and visualize those changes.

Why should I use EmployeeWare?

Using this software for visualizing, reviewing, and making changes to org charts in development is much quicker, easier, and less painful than trying to do it in drawing tools like PowerPoint, Visio, or Omnigraffle, especially when there are multiple people editing.

This software can also be used to empower team managers to keep their teams' org charts current on their own. It can be used to include contractors, outside collaborators, and entities not supported by the official HR software used by a company. This software is also useful for brainstorming upcoming reorganizations, a feature that traditional HR software typically does not have.

Who developed EmployeeWare and why?

When Rajiv was CTO at The New York Times, he wrote this software as a personal open source project to help merge two departments and reorganize the resulting department with 450+ FTEs and 100+ contractors at NYTimes. This software was then used by team managers to keep their teams' information current. It was also used in subsequent reorganizations over the years. This was a quick way for employees to view the org charts.