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AdMob Cordova Plugin for Android

This plugin provides a way to request AdMob ads natively from JavaScript. This plugin was written and tested with the Google AdMob SDK version 6.1.0, and Cordova 2.0.0.


  • Cordova SDK jar for Android
  • Cordova JS for Android
  • Google AdMob Ads SDK for Android
  • Android SDK 3.2 or higher (to compile with AdMob)
  • Android runtime 2.1 or higher (Cordova only supports 2.1+)
  • AdMob publisher ID from AdMob


  1. Place Cordova SDK jar, Google AdMob SDK jar, and the AdMob Cordova plugin jar inside libs/
  2. Place Cordova JS and AdMobPlugin.js inside assets/www/
  3. Place cordova.xml and plugins.xml into res/xml
  4. Add <plugin name='AdMobPlugin' value='com.google.cordova.plugin.AdMobPlugin'/> to your plugins.xml
  5. Complete the Google AdMob SDK setup for Android at https://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/docs

##Using the Plugin:

There are two calls needed to get AdMob Ads:

  1. createBannerView

    Takes in a object containing a publisherId and adSize, as well as success and failure callbacks. An example call is provided below:

            'publisherId': 'INSERT_YOUR_PUBLISHER_ID_HERE',
            'adSize': AdSize.BANNER
  2. requestAd

    Takes in an object containing an optional testing flag, and an optional list of extras. This method should only be invoked once createBannerView has invoked successCallback. An example call is provided below:

            'isTesting': false,
            'extras': {
              'color_bg': 'AAAAFF',
              'color_bg_top': 'FFFFFF',
              'color_border': 'FFFFFF',
              'color_link': '000080',
              'color_text': '808080',
              'color_url': '008000'

This plugin also allows you the option to listen for ad events. The following events are supported:

document.addEventListener('onReceiveAd', callback);
document.addEventListener('onFailedToReceiveAd', callback);
document.addEventListener('onPresentScreen', callback);
document.addEventListener('onDismissScreen', callback);
document.addEventListener('onLeaveApplication', callback);