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The Stanford Question Answering Dataset is a large reading comprehension dataset. This repository is intended to let people explore the dataset and visualize model predictions.

This website is hosted on the gh-pages branch.

Testing models on your own data

Here are instructions for generating predictions of a model from the SQuAD leaderboard on custom data. This is done through CodaLab Worksheets.

  1. Get the CodaLab UUID for the model you want to run by clicking on its name on the SQuAD leaderboard. For instance, clicking on the original BERT model submitted by Google AI for SQuAD 2.0 takes you to, which tells you that 0xbe9df0807151427f92fc306189b6d63e is the CodaLab UUID for this submission.

  2. Upload your dataset to CodaLab.

  3. Use cl mimic to mimic the model:

cl mimic <official_squad_dev_set_uuid> <model_submission_uuid> <uuid_of_your_dataset>

The official SQuAD development set UUIDs are:

  • 0x8f29fe78ffe545128caccab74eb06c57 for SQuAD 1.1
  • 0xb30d937a18574073903bb38b382aab03 for SQuAD 2.0