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Code for exploring the NBA SportVu motion data, more information at my blog. You can download the games from this repo.

_functions.R - Various functions that I have written. The functions include sportvu_convert_json for importing motion data from a json to a data frame. Other functions can extract distances players have traveled and create a matrix of player to player distances.

EDA_NBA_SportVu.Rmd - A markup document showing basic EDA on the movement data. Online.

PBP_NBA_SportVu.Rmd - A markup document showing how to merge play by play data with the SportVu movement data. Online.

Chull_NBA_SportVu.Rmd - A markup document for measuring player spacing using convex hulls with the SportVu movement data. Online.

Velocity_NBA_SportVu.RMd - A markup document for measuring player velocity, acceleration, and jerk using the NBA SportVu movement data. Online.

Traj_NBA_SportVu.Rmd - A markup document sharing a few different ways to analyzing player and ball trajectories. Online.


Scripts for analyzing NBA sportvu motion data




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