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Commits on Oct 15, 2010
  1. @yliang6
Commits on Jun 7, 2010
  1. Scribe dynamic bucket id to network store configuration

    groys authored groys committed
    this diff added feature such that scribe will be able to work against a
    zookeeper managed network cluster.  Instead of embedding zookeeper into scribe,
    we added a bucketupdater thrift interface that all zookeeper managed hosts
    should support that return a bid to host:port mapping.
    added bucketupdate test to testsuites.php.
    tested with testsuite.
    Test Plan:
    bucketupdater test case added to testsuites.php.
    // testing bucket store updater.
    // Setup:
    // 1. two scribe servers.  one running on port 1465 and using conf file
    //    scribe.conf.bucketupdater.server1, and the other running on port 1466
    //    and using conf file scribe.conf.bucketupdater.server2.
    //    scribe server that configured by scribe.bucketupdater.server1
    //    writes scribe messages to /tmp/scribetest_/bucketupdater/server1
    //    and scribe server that configured by scribe.bucketupdater.server2
    //    writes scribe messages to /tmp/scribetest_/bucketupdater/server2
    // 2. bidupdater server which implements bucket updater interface.
    //    It reads mappings from a local file bidmap which is symbolic
    //    linked to bidmap.1 or bidmap.2.  bidmap.1 maps bucket 1 to
    //    scribe server that writes to /tmp/scribetest_/bucketupdater/server1
    //    and bucket 2 to scribe server that writes to
    //    bidmap.2 does the opposite.
    // Test setup:
    // 1. launch scribe -p 1465 scribe.conf.bucketupdater.srever1
    // 2. launch scribe -p 1466 scribe.conf.bucketupdater.server2
    // 3. ln -sf bidmap.1 bidmap.
    // 4. launch bidupdater: bidupdater bidmap
    // 5. scribe -p 1463 scribe.conf.bucketupdater which use bidupdater
    //    to dynamically configure bucket store: bucketupdater.
    // 6. send two message, one with bucket id 1 and the other with bucket id 2
    //    to scribe running on 1463.  Check that the messages are
    //    in /tmp/scribetest_/bucketupdater/server1/bucketupdater/bucket1
    //    and /tmp/scribetest_/bucketupdater/server2/bucketupdater/bucket2
    //    respectively.
    // 7. ln -sf bidmap.2 bid
    // 8. wait for 15 seconds
    // 9. send another two messages, one with bucket 1 and the other bucket 2
    //    Check that messages are in the reverse of 6.
    DiffCamp Revision: 108360
    Reviewed By: pkhemani
    Commenters: groys, zshao
    CC: agiardullo, jsong, pkhemani, groys, scribe-dev@lists
    Revert Plan:
    git-svn-id: svn+ssh://tubbs/svnapps/fbomb/branches/scribe-os/fbcode/scribe@28165 2248de34-8caa-4a3c-bc55-5e52d9d7b73a
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