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A python wrapper around GetPocket API V3.
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This package provides a wrapper class around GetPocket V3 APIs.


You can checkout pocket-cli, which is an application for reading / listing /managing your pocket articles from the terminal


	pip install pocket-api


First, you have to Create your consumer key from getpocket's developer console. To get the access token, you have to authorize the app on your own account. There are tools on the web that can automate this for you such as fxneumann's OneClickPocket

from pocket import Pocket, PocketException

p = Pocket(
	consumer_key='<Your Consumer Key>',
	access_token='<Your Access Token>'

# Fetch a list of articles
	print(p.retrieve(offset=0, count=10))
except PocketException as e:

# Add an article

# Start a bulk operation and commit
	1168820736, 'Python'
	1168820736, 'Web Development'


  • Add an article

      add(url, title, tags, tweet_id)
  • Retrieve articles

      retrieve(state, favorite, tag, contentType,
               sort, detailType, search, domain,
               since, count, offset)

Bulk Actions

  • Add an article to bulktime_of_action

      bulk_add(item_id, ref_id, tags, time_of_action, title, url)
  • Archive article

      archive(item_id, time_of_action)
  • Reread an article

      readd(item_id, time_of_action)
  • Mark article as favorite

      favorite(item_id, time_of_action)
  • Remove favorite mark from article

      unfavorite(item_id, time_of_action)
  • Delete an article from list

      delete(item_id, time_of_action)
  • Add tag to article

      tags_add(item_id, tags, time_of_action)
  • Remove tag from article

      tags_remove(item_id, tags, time_of_action)
  • Replace tags on article

      tags_replace(item_id, tags, time_of_action)
  • Clear tags from article

      tags_clear(item_id, time_of_action)
  • Rename a tag

      tag_rename(old_tag, new_tag, time_of_action)
  • Reset bulk actions (removes all previously registered actions)

  • Send request of all bulk items to getpocket