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module Rake
# HACK: Lousy API design, sue me. At least works ;-)
# Define a series of helpers to aid in search and usage of MinGW (GCC) Compiler
# by gem developer/creators.
module ExtensionCompiler
# return the host portion from the installed MinGW
def self.mingw_host
return @mingw_host if @mingw_host
# the mingw_gcc_executable is helpful here
if target = mingw_gcc_executable then
# we only care for the filename
target = File.basename(target)
# now strip the extension (if present)
target.sub!(File.extname(target), '')
# get rid of '-gcc' portion too ;-)
target.sub!('-gcc', '')
raise "No MinGW tools or unknown setup platform?" unless target
@mingw_host = target
# return the first compiler found that includes both mingw and gcc conditions
# (this assumes you have one installed)
def self.mingw_gcc_executable
return @mingw_gcc_executable if @mingw_gcc_executable
# grab the paths defined in the environment
paths = ENV['PATH'].split(File::PATH_SEPARATOR)
# the pattern to look into (captures *nix and windows executables)
pattern = "{mingw32-,i?86*mingw*}gcc{,.*}"
@mingw_gcc_executable = paths.find do |path|
# cleanup paths before globbing
gcc = Dir.glob("#{File.expand_path(path)}/#{pattern}").first
break gcc if gcc