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Corrected steps for cleanup.

After previous changes, 'clean' was not being validated by features.
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commit 392af914b2b6a61896f21d53fca637c23716b071 1 parent 61d411b
@luislavena luislavena authored
2  features/compile.feature
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ Feature: Compile C code into Ruby extensions.
When rake task 'clean' is invoked
Then rake task 'clean' succeeded
And binary extension 'extension_one' do exist in 'lib'
- And 'tmp' folder do not exist
+ And no left over from 'extension_one' remains in 'tmp'
Scenario: clobbering binary and temporary files
Given a safe project directory
4 features/step_definitions/folders.rb
@@ -26,3 +26,7 @@
Then /^'(.*)' folder do not exist$/ do |folder| be_true
+Then /^no left over from '(.*)' remains in '(.*)'$/ do |name, folder|
+ Dir.glob("#{folder}/**/#{name}").should be_empty
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