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Only trigger step when 'gcc' or 'cl' compilers are executed

Steps should have less of this noise and more functionality.
Candidates of refactoring and simplification on next version.
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1 parent a5f63d5 commit aa7166b8990e74bc2801742acbf3298522fd901d @luislavena luislavena committed Nov 29, 2008
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Feature: Compile C code into Ruby extensions.
And not changed any file since
When rake task 'compile' is invoked
Then rake task 'compile' succeeded
- And output of rake task 'compile' do not contain /extension_one/
+ And output of rake task 'compile' do not contain /gcc|cl/
Scenario: recompile extension when source is modified
Given a safe project directory

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