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Linear Time Suffix Arrays in JavaScript
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Suffix Array Construction

This is a simple JavaScript library that provides one function:


This will return the suffix array of an arbitrary string. The string itself can be either a JavaScript (Unicode) string or a function that takes an index (integer >= 0) and returns another integer (a "symbol"). If a function is given, then the length of the string must be given as a second argument. For example,

suffixArray(function(i) { return ... }, 1000);

The function takes a third optional argument that can be one of 2 values: "min" or "wrap" (default is "min"). This argument specifies how the end of the string is treated. In the case of "min", the string is assumed to be terminated by trailing 0s (eg. suffixArray("aaa", "min") returns [ 2, 1, 0 ]). In the case of "wrap", the string is assumed to wrap back around to the beginning, with no special terminating characters. For example, suffixArray("baa", "wrap") returns [ 1, 2, 0 ], where as suffixArray("baa", "min") returns [ 2, 1, 0 ].


This library is a JavaScript implementation of the linear time suffix array construction algorithm of Kärkkäinen and Sanders: Simple Linear Work Suffix Array Construction, Kärkkäinen and Sanders.

Questions and/or Comments?

If you have any further questions and/or comments, please fee free to contact me at .

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