Datascience portfolio till now, inspired by many, thank you.
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ML Micro Projects
2016 General Election Poll Analysis.ipynb
3-Way Sentiment Analysis for Tweets.ipynb
911 Calls - Exploratory Analysis.ipynb
Cross Language Information Retrieval.ipynb
Stock Market Analysis for Tech Stocks.ipynb
Titanic Dataset - Exploratory Analysis.ipynb

Data Science Portfolio

Repository containing portfolio of data science projects completed by me for academic, self learning, and hobby purposes. Presented in the form of iPython Notebooks, and R markdown files (published at RPubs).

For a more visually pleasant experience for browsing the portfolio, check out rakeshchinta

The R portfolio is located here.

Note: Data used in the projects (accessed under data directory) is for demonstration purposes only.


If you liked what you saw, want to have a chat with me about the portfolio, work opportunities, or collaboration, shoot an email at