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Some classes for Google Dart, that can be used to draw charts and graphs. The objective is to make the classes as abstract as possible. Given a map of data, it must choose the colors and size and positioning automatically and render the diagrams on the screen.

I had started a sample program (The sunflower drawing) that comes with the Dart edior and kept modifying and editing that code. So, you'll find the class-names used as-it-is as Sunflower! I'm not an experienced Dart programmar and found errors, trying to modify the classnames and removing the words related to Sunflower from the code. It would be of great help if sombody experienced can help me out with this.

The javascript generated using this, can be used to render charts at the browser end. So, the server is freed of all the heafty processing required to render charts. You might find it a bit difficult to run the code straight-away using the sample html given here. But my main intention was to develop the class that does the drawing. The code for the class can be copied as-it-is and used to make the drawing.