This repo has code which can be referred as example code. These code have been written for learning purpose.
Java Python C++ Groovy Shell C


This repo has miscellaneous reference codes. The code is from various tutorial and post at 
The latest code is maintained here. Any one can use these example source code. If you want to contribute to this 
git repo you are most welcome. Even you can write article blog and share with If you like
any post then please do share them.

Repo details
This project contains 10 Folders
1. Algorithm : contains algorithm related solution.
2. AndroidProjects : contains Android projects
3. CaliperProjects: Contains the microbenchmarking project using google caliper.
4. GradleExample : Contains the gradle script.
5. JMeter : Contains JMeter related source code/plugin/patch. This folder can help you to add new features to existing JMeter.
6. JavaPrograms : Contains java programs, some mini projects, and javadesign related project.
7. ShellScripts : Contains shell script files, mostly utility related which help you to improve your productive. 
8. Miscellaneous : Contains some miscellaneous source code.
9. PythonPrograsm : Contains Python script. I write these script when I fiddle with python modules/packages.  
10. webApplication : Contains some webapplication example code.