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Execute javascript in mobile browser from terminal.
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TL;DR; : This tool allows you to execute javascript in mobile browser from terminal. Can be useful when testing mobile browsers for logical bugs.


Pronounced as JS HELL not J Shell.

WTF is this?

jsHELL tries to simulate javascript console for Mobile Browsers. Normally javascript consoles are available for Desktop browsers but not for Mobile browsers. jsHELL uses WebSocket to establish connection between the mobile browser and your Desktop terminal to send the javascript code and receive it's output.

Why we need something like that?

We need this because mobile browsers doesn't provide any way to execute JS directly like Desktop browsers (via Developer Console). Also typing the javascript in mobile browser using the fucked up mobile keyboard is pain in ass and time consuming.

Why would anyone need to executed JS in mobile browser like this?

To find browser bugs. Creating a whole HTML page for executing a small JS code like "<html><script>'')</script></html>" is waste of time. Instead we can just start jsHELL and type our code in terminal directly and see the result.

How it's different than existing ones?

I couldn't really find any similar tool. The one I find uses "netcat" and some shit which isn't working in my Macbook for some unknown reasons so I developed this tool. jsHELL doesn't rely on any external tools, it uses WebSocket for communication with browser. Plus the the code of jsHELL is very simple and straighforward so anyone can modify it as per their needs.

How to run?

rlwrap ./ IpAddress Port

Example: rlwrap ./ 8080

NOTE: It's just a small tool I developed in few hours while testing a mobile browser for UXSS vulnerability. Because even for little changes I had to open complete HTML page and modify the code which was time consuming.

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