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$Id: INSTALL,v 1.15 2003/01/26 01:49:55 ryants Exp $
Doxymacs depends on the following packages:
- W3
- tempo
- libxml2
Be sure these are properly configured and installed before proceeding.
- Use the configure script to configure doxymacs:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
Use ./configure --help for help on customising your configuration.
If you get
!! File error (("Cannot open load file" "url"))
(or something similar) then set the variable EMACSLOADPATH before
doing make:
where ... is a colon separated list of directories to search for
packages. To byte compile with XEmacs, set the variable EMACS:
$ EMACS=xemacs make
If you would rather not byte compile the .el files at all, then do:
$ make ELCFILES=
$ make install ELCFILES=
If you do not want to run or cannot run configure then some pre-baked
.el files are available in the no-autoconf/ directory; simply copy
these to somewhere in your load-path.
- Customise the variable doxymacs-doxygen-dirs.
Doxymacs customisation can be done from the Options | Customize menu,
under Emacs | Programming | Tools | Doxymacs.
- If your tags file is quite large (say, > 1 MB), consider setting
doxymacs-use-external-xml-parser to t and be sure to set
doxymacs-external-xml-parser-executable to the right value (the
default should usually be fine). A suitable program is distributed
in the directory doxymacs/c/. With an 11 MB XML tag file, the
internal process takes 20 minutes on a PIII 800 with 1 GB of RAM,
whereas the external process takes 12 seconds.
- Put (require 'doxymacs) in your .emacs
- Invoke doxymacs-mode with M-x doxymacs-mode. To have doxymacs-mode invoked
automatically when in C/C++ mode, put
(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook 'doxymacs-mode)
in your .emacs.
- If you want Doxygen keywords fontified use M-x doxymacs-font-lock.
To do it automatically, add the following to your .emacs:
(defun my-doxymacs-font-lock-hook ()
(if (or (eq major-mode 'c-mode) (eq major-mode 'c++-mode))
(add-hook 'font-lock-mode-hook 'my-doxymacs-font-lock-hook)
This will add the Doxygen keywords to c-mode and c++-mode only.
- Default key bindings are:
- C-c d ? will look up documentation for the symbol under the point.
- C-c d r will rescan your Doxygen tags file.
- C-c d RET will prompt you for a Doxygen command to enter, and its
- C-c d f will insert a Doxygen comment for the next function.
- C-c d i will insert a Doxygen comment for the current file.
- C-c d ; will insert a Doxygen comment for the current member.
- C-c d m will insert a blank multi-line Doxygen comment.
- C-c d s will insert a blank single-line Doxygen comment.
- C-c d @ will insert grouping comments around the current region.