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$Id: NEWS,v 1.20 2007/06/10 13:17:24 ryants Exp $
10/06/2007 Version 1.8.0 released.
Fix bug #1490021: Allow spaces in @param [in] style documentation.
Fix bug #1496399: Use better way to get user's e-mail address.
22/04/2006 Version 1.7.0 released.
Fix bug #1459026: compile warning with gcc 4.0.
Feature request #1338245: make filladapt mode doxygen aware
of @param to nicely indent parameter lists.
Update the example HTML files with doxygen 1.4.4.
04/06/2005 Version 1.6.0 released.
Many bug fixes for newer versions of {X}emacs. Some additions to
fontification to handle new Doxygen constructs. Can now customise
the browser that doxymacs uses to display documentation.
NOTE: doxymacs-group-comment-start and doxymacs-group-comment-end
are no longer tempo templates but are now just plain strings.
25/01/2003 Version 1.5.0 released.
New C++ style. Pre-baked .el files for people who do not have
autoconf. Several small fontification bug fixes.
05/01/2003 Version 1.4.0 released.
doxymacs now uses autoconf to configure, build and install itself.
31/08/2002 Version 1.3.2 released.
Fix bug #601028: functions with blank lines in their argument lists
confused doxymacs-extract-args-list.
09/05/2002 Version 1.3.1 released.
Fix issues compiling doxymacs_parser.c on Mac OS X.
04/11/2001 Version 1.3.0 released.
Implement new grouping command (C-c d @) which inserts Doxygen
grouping comments around the current region.
15/09/2001 Version 1.2.1 released.
Fix a bug in Qt style comments.
26/08/2001 Version 1.2.0 released.
Better on-line documentation. New "member comment" command which
works much like M-; (indent-for-comment).
23/08/2001 Version 1.1.4 released.
minor bugfixes.
08/07/2001 Version 1.1.3 released.
The external XML parser now requires libxml2 version 2.3.4 or
04/07/2001 Version 1.1.2 released.
GNU Emacs doesn't understand ?: in regexps, so take them out.
20/06/2001 Version 1.1.1 released.
Fix bug #432837 missing @see keyword and fix bug #432836 Font
lock for @ingroup not correct.
12/06/2001 Version 1.1.0 released.
New feature: font lock for Doxygen keywords.
06/06/2001 Version 1.0.0 released.
The first stable release. There are still some bugs left (see
the FIXMEs in lisp/doxymacs.el), but they are both sufficiently
rare and hard to fix that they don't warrant holding up a stable
26/05/2001 Version 0.2.1 released.
Er... forgot to update this file the past few releases.
Oh well. Look at the ChangeLog if you really care.
09/05/2001 Version 0.1.1 released.
Bug fix: C-? is a bad choice for "look up", since it causes the
DEL key to be mapped to "look up"... changed it to C-c d ?.
Feature add: Progress info as it parses XML tag file.
07/05/2001 Version 0.1.0 (Alpha) released.
This represents the first public release of doxymacs. It works for us,
now let's see if it works for other people too.