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that code is a quick and dirty hack to get notifications over ssh from my server
running irssi to my workstation. Aimed to be extended with other notification
for original code :
1/ copy '' on your client system (i.e. where you've got
your GUI and want the notifications to be shown)
2/ copy '' to your ~/.irssi/scripts folder
3/ be sure is chmod +x
4/ launch on your client system
5/ from your client system do ssh user@myserver -R 4222:localhost:4222 (it can also
be set in ssh_config, RTFM)
6/ do '/load perl' and '/script load' in irssi
7/ configure the 'highlights' in your client. (if you don't know how RTFM !)
8/ if you don't like it as is... HACK IT !
* test it with libnotify (only tested with growl for now)
* test every kind of output.
* Make it easier to format output.
OPTIONS starts the server as daemon --stop stops the running daemon --foreground runs the server in foreground --help displays help
Some variables can be changed, Use The Source, Luke. (host and port)
That code is aimed to be hacked.
add to your .ssh/config those lines, where HOST is the host you want to connect to :
PermitLocalCommand yes
LocalCommand /path/to/bin/
RemoteForward 4222 localhost:4222
LICENCES is under GPL (because I copy/pasted it from some guy whose name is inside that code)
everything else is WTFPL (because I don't care what you do with it, but if you don't
tell me you've upgraded it, you're just a moron)
And if you like it, buy me a beer !
Mail-me on guyzmo at m0g dot net.