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small fixes in project-status and project friending

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1 parent 16fe281 commit 2b85894479411686f13e0ffda58a737e15769092 @rakete committed
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 mk-project.el
6 mk-project.el
@@ -1673,9 +1673,9 @@ See also `mk-proj-required-vars' `mk-proj-optional-vars'"
"View project's variables."
(unless proj-name
- (mk-proj-assert-proj t)
+ (mk-proj-assert-proj)
(setq proj-name mk-proj-name))
- (if (mk-proj-get-config-val 'basedir)
+ (if (mk-proj-get-config-val 'basedir proj-name)
(let ((b (get-buffer-create "*mk-proj: project-status*")))
(with-current-buffer b
(kill-region (point-min) (point-max))
@@ -2348,7 +2348,7 @@ With C-u prefix, act like `project-ack'."
(defun project-friend-this (&optional proj-name)
(interactive "P")
- (mk-proj-assert-proj t)
+ (mk-proj-assert-proj)
(setq proj-name (cond ((and (listp proj-name) (numberp (car proj-name)))
(mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent))
((stringp proj-name)

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