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fix for automatic cache path function which used the parent name inst…

…ead of the parents value of the symbol to cache,

something was wrong with path concatenation/path seperator appending (and probably still is)
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1 parent 2b85894 commit ea7cbc9bb61543edafe430ae4e2e67c081ad09a1 @rakete committed Apr 27, 2012
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@@ -1472,15 +1472,16 @@ See also `mk-proj-required-vars' `mk-proj-optional-vars'"
(let ((directory (concat mk-global-cache-root
(cond ((mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent proj-name)
(let ((a (concat "/" (mk-proj-join "/" (mk-proj-ancestry proj-name)))))
- (if (mk-proj-get-config-val 'basedir proj-name) a (concat a "/"))))
+ (concat a "/")))
(concat "/" proj-name "/")))))
(file (concat (symbol-name symbol))))
(make-directory directory t)
(let ((r (concat directory file)))
(cond ((file-exists-p r)
- ((and (mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent proj-name) (file-exists-p (mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent proj-name)))
+ ((and (mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent proj-name)
+ (file-exists-p (mk-proj-get-config-val symbol (mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent proj-name))))
(copy-file (mk-proj-get-cache-path symbol (mk-proj-get-config-val 'parent proj-name))

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