YouTube player is too small to watch people writing code! Here is my solution! ❤ PR!!
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BigTube! is a very simple app, it simply takes a YouTube video address and embed it according the window viewport of the browser so instead of maximizing the video in full screen we can watch programming tutorials in a proper manner.

#Full screen video is a mess 😣

Full screen video simply makes the computer unusable, let me tell you my own use case.

Everyday I watch a lot of tutorials about programming and latest coding stuffs but then I simply make my computer unusable by making the YouTube video full screen to see what people are typing!

It also occur problems while I need to switch to my own code editor and the YouTube plaer and vice-versa. 😤

So, here is a solution that is currently working for me ✌

Go to BigTube Demo and copy/paste a YouTube link and hit enter. BOOM!

first step

second step

That's better! 🙌

By @rakibtg