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A go application to download random public domain images in random or defined size of length
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Imager.go allows you to download as many public domain images as many you want in different dimensions randomly or you define them in a length, and let Imager.go download all the photos for you in your computer!

Imager.go downloading images

You might be working on a new design or building a working prototype and you need a tons of images in different dimensions.

Now collecting those images from the internet and saving them one after another is difficult, it did'nt work i have tried. Okay, here is Imager.go app for y'all 😉

Imager.go will download as many images as many you want from Unsplash right into your disk. It also allow you to set a range of images width and height.

How to run the application? If you do not care about the code that powers Imager.go then download the application.

Open the downloaded file in a terminal.

  • Open terminal
  • Go to the directory where you have downloaded the application cd /IMager
  • Run the app with this command ./ImagerMac if you are on a mac. Or ./ImagerWindows or ./ImagerLinux

If you want to run the app in a Go-lang env

  • Clone this repo
  • go run Imager.go downloader.go imageRandomUrl.go intro.go takeInput.go run this in a terminal

If you want to build

  • go build Imager.go downloader.go imageRandomUrl.go intro.go takeInput.go in a terminal.

Pull Requests are welcome ❤️💕

Tweet me your thoughts @rakibtg

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