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Docker Dashboard

A simple GUI interface for Docker Containers

Docker Web Interface Project - A simple GUI interface for Docker

Explore containers log

List of groups

List of groups

List of images

Disk cleanup's


  • Instantly start/stop, restart, delete and see the logs of a docker container.
  • Filter containers by their running status.
  • Create groups of docker container.
  • Bulk action on container based on group.
  • Live system consumption stat for active docker containers.
  • Run or delete an image.
  • Prune Docker images.
  • Prune Docker containers.
  • Prune Docker volumes.
  • Prune Docker systems.
  • No need to use the terminal for common tasks.

Start the app

Before you follow below steps to start the app, make sure you have node and npm installed in your system.

  • Clone the repository
    git clone
  • Change directory
    cd ./docker-web-gui
  • Run app.js, it will automatically install all the node modules for you if not installed already.
    node app.js
  • Now visit http://localhost:3230/

Using Docker

You can run this application through a docker container, but it only works in MacOS. You can use that with/without docker compose. Also, the application will be exposed at port http://localhost:3230.

Without Docker Compose

If you don't have a docker compose, then you can use the following commands:

  • To build the image:
    docker build . -t docker-web-gui
  • To run the image:
    docker run -p 3230:3230 -v /usr/local/bin/docker:/usr/local/bin/docker -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock docker-web-gui

With Docker Compose

If you already docker compose installed, then simply do this:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

Docker Based Commands

A Makefile has been included with this repo. It has following commands:

  1. make up to build the image and starting docker-web-gui container.
  2. make build to build the image.
  3. make start to start containers if application has been up already.
  4. make stop to stop application.
  5. make restart to restart application.
  6. make build-without-compose to build the application without docker compose.
  7. make run-without-compose to run the application without docker compose.


Developed by Mehedi and Akimul.